Jan 20, 2006

prom night

traditionally, prom night would be the night where the guys be worried about getting a partner for the night, and anticipating a great time during the dinner itself or after it. go figure.

MPIS, malam penganugerahan ibnu sina, an annual events of the hostel all medical students are supposed to be staying in (except 2 years ago, when some smart people senselessly tried to place them at other colleges, ending with lots of complaint from the students and hostel’s management because of the difference in our holidays). Now, most retransfer back into the this college, but once again some senseless people pulled in students from other faculties despite the fact there are never enough rooms for the medical students. for what? muhibbah, i guess.

since it is the annual events for us, the pathetic medical students, we had to somehow take it as or delude into thinking that MPIS is our prom night. not even close, but still it is a dinner, where one would put our grooming skills and creativity into practice, especially for the ladies. my total grooming time, including wearing my rough worn-out brown shoes equal to 5 minutes. no kidding.

thinking along the line that this MPIS is for the final year senior, a dear friend of mine was disappointed that there were less "involvement" of final years in the whole events. there were less photos, less appearance in the presentation. somehow, we should be reminded that this is a college dinner, not a final year graduation dinner. big exam coming soon.

most of the time, we were comparing MPIS this year to the MPIS we had during our first year. we compare almost everything. the food, the dress, the events, the presentation, the deco, the itinery, but not the speeches (it is difficult to pay attention to speeches with an empty stomach).

the food: mostly chinese-style. most of the dishes - the chicken, the vege, and the mushroom can easily be found when i am dining back in penang with my family at a random kopitiam at jelutong (somewhere in penang, near my house). you get the picture.

the dress: i would say grooming-wise my final year seniors (MPIS 2001) is better and shows a lot more creativity plus flair. nonetheless, my batchmates were strikingly showing great improvement by comparison to how we dress back then when we are in first year. everyone looks grand in one way or another. among the chinese, my mixed traditional and modern wear, should be rather outstanding, right? (”,)

the events: lots of creativity. there was this entertaining artistic stage dance or show with a big fat butterfly flying with some random masked Zorro-wannabes in jeans flipping the colourful clothes as rainbows. my coursemate, farina sang a song, a high-pitched song, to high for her to handle, i guess. lovely movie presentations, a clear masterpiece, deserving my applause. should have shown the man behind it, instead of displaying just his name. also there was this item-collecting games for the table.

then, there was this mr. and ms personality contest. just a cooked-up contest for fun. as before mentioned, i got into the finals, but unfortunately i lose. ha ha. I never expected to even get into the finals anyway.
the winner is a clear deserving winner - Don. In this last few years, he is the leader of our batch, pushed into this responsibility by others, but work his way steadily as a buffer to balance the dissatisfaction by fellow coursemates and the demands of the higher authorities, especially from the "santa claus".
i am also a clear loser, not prepared, hungry and hypoglycaemic - luckily my borborygmi did not project loudly when I am on stage.
the finalist: elaine wong, norAZAyati, kavetha, don ismail, puthashanan, me
the winner: don ismail, kavetha.

the itinery: awards for selected sportmans, and sportladies, the college staff and student council, the contributing students,

the deco: admirable ice at the entrance, great ribbons over the chairs, great stage deco, the arc and everything. but the opening ceremony was a failure as the banner did not drop down as planned.

no dancing session, as expected, and it was replaced by the self-declared photography session, as usual. felt pretty superficial taking all the photos, but perhaps looking back at them years later, may prove me wrong. special thanx to cameraman choo wei, kelvin and king chong.

the next day, darn tired, but still dragged myself to the ward to see the patients early before short cases practise with beloved prof kj goh.

being the finalist for mr personality, short conversation with my groupmate at 5U, ms. nut-pillar-house-sane.

"banyak junior minat you, yeh?"
"tak de lar"
"jadi you ajar mereka banyak benda keh?"
"i tolong mereka jika mereka memerlukan, seniors kena tolong juniors, bukan saya seorang yang menolong"
"eh, you tahu ke soalan untuk kavetha itu dulu pernah tanya…"
"wah, you ade collect SOALAN PAST YEARS untuk ms personality-keh? ha ha. terrornye"
"eh, tak de lar"

review from one of the powerpuff girl. poh peh poh peh… =)


hamsaplo strikes again - mamat and his buddies, 2 first years.



informally, the best bow tie award (N.B. bow tie borrowed from the chair)



the best boy band award (Men II Boyz)



the deco… iced up, gang!



the toast of the night… CHEERS!! (served jasmine tea ONLY - healthy stuff)



the elegant madame (keep ur eyes in the socket, please, guys)

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