Feb 20, 2006

burning passion

never knew that my passion for medicine is burning fiercest just few days before my final exam. today had a very tiring, but satisfying day from the morning till the late evening… of which after my tiring academically-packed schedule, i spoiled myself with an hour of going to gym… now is the last few minutes of the pleasure before i return to guthrie studying room beside this lousy (paid for it but 50% of PCs here is actually just cpu-less monitors) computer room. Yes, i am taking time off not because i felt i’m academically immortal, but i think i have some sneaky way of getting above the system of examination, unless of course, the great profs of UMMC used this way before and trapped me into oblivion.

Anyway, here just wanted to pay a tribute to all my colleagues, especially to the people in my study group - they’re just darn professorial

thanks for all the teachings, the sharing, the guidance, the support (no this ain’t support group), and all the bashing, shouting, criticism, sarcasm, nonsense, disparagement, and blah blah blah… and not forgetting blah blah blah, too..

also i would like to apologize if i am so darn irritating, darn demanding, and darn nonsensical and darn @#%@#@#*@#…. you know…


from left: prof emma, prof poong, prof k’ng choo wei, prof fooji, me, prof lee chee hoong.

a brief intro

group name: previously considering FSG (fooji study group), but now contemplating HIBMIG (HIgh BMI group)…

just for contemplation: we have representation from major race, and also the major religion islams, hindu, buddhism (me and k’ng), chriastianity (fooji) and free thinker or taoism (lee)…

prof emma: excel in being the serious one in every discussion, wrote down every short case and long case that we had, toning every nonsense down to the minimum firmly, not fiercely. Always end by saying thank q to us, but we should be the one who said thanks to her for keeping us on track. the buffer.

prof poong: need i say more, the power poong. teacher and guidance, tok guru with vast knowledge. always having the sinister gawk and smirk whenever i crack a joke or being sarcastic

prof k’ng: power-packed guru of consistency and spent his time being very intensively learning lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of things continuously, yet keeping a good loud cheer and laughter everytime we’re on discussion.

prof fooji: the leader, the chief sms-er, the MC in most of our group seatings, the practical guy, the non-minimalist (this you gotta read the pacemaker magazine to find out, or you can ask him).

prof lee: an equal to poong, master in knowledge, theory and practical stuff. keep stressing the practicality of clinical setting instead of the make-believe approach in examination. rarely join the past year theory paper discussion, but maximum input from him in short cases.


adhoc discussion with visiting consultant, prof ho kim wah, and prof stephen chieng. prof fooji decided to spare his upper torso for our discussion on gynaecomastia (ok, a joke, for goodness sake, chill out).

special highlight to the floor i am staying:

do not forget to marvel at the rock table and chairs which were moved up to this 2nd floor of our block at the middle of the night by one or maybe two of the people in the photo. I wouldn’t know, because i am sleeping at that time, dreaming perhaps. only in this floor

and behind it, is the ‘update to our society’ notice board, where great current political and social issues will be posted up there by some mysterious but dedicated writers. only in this floor



hard to believe, this is what prof pang (potential viva, future health minister) commented on us, through the sms to prof fooji, although he is just 5 metres away from us in his room.

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