Mar 23, 2006

am i greedy?

greedy chinese? lazy malay? sneaky indian?

just last week, my younger cousin brother started his journey into the National Service programme. He phoned back to his mom and he cried. Not pitifully, but in a way, very bored and annoyed, mainly because there are only 1 chinese in his group/dorm.

isn’t this is just plain racism?

here’s part of a survey done…

… According to the survey, 58 percent of Malays, 63 percent of Chinese and 43 percent of Indians polled agreed that ”in general, most Malays are lazy.”

Meanwhile, 71 percent of Malays, 60 percent of Chinese and 47 percent of Indians agree that ”in general, most Chinese are greedy.” Sixty-four percent of Malays, 58 percent of Chinese and 20 percent of Indians agreed that ”in general, most Indians cannot be trusted.”….

sad but true… is there a solution?

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