Mar 21, 2006


yes, life pretty laidback. i need to start reading some academic books.

tomorrow’s the interview with SPA. pretty boring tonight.

here i am at cyber cafe of the college, browsing through internet for places of interest, for my holiday trips plus chatting through MSN.

can’t help it but heard some amusing discussion by 1st year juniors sitting beside me. they are actually talking very loud, discussing about problems encountered in their CFCS program visits.

"language barrier, i tak tau cakap inggelis" (for goodness sake, first year medical student, almost finishing first year, having trouble speaking english to a layperson)

"kita diserang monyet" (what does this have to do with your visit?)

"bandit, crook, robber…" (i’m not sure where she’s going, but this does not sound like CFCS, more like an adventure to me)

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