Apr 9, 2006

day 1: touch down

the space of seats in economy class is small, and with an idiot fella sitting behind me kept asking me to keep my seat upright, it’s getting pretty annoying. couldn’t sleep well and stayed up watching some of the blockbusters on the plane ie ‘memoirs of the geisha’, ‘fun with dick and jane’…

the food served on plane (supper, breakfast) - awesome + too much(yes, this is the first time i ever complaint about too much food).

the airport is a busy place. full with the poster ‘declare or beware’! there’s plenty of stuff that you can’t bring in. even instant noodle had to be declared.

then, there’s this cute guarantee dog going around sniffing for food in everyone’s luggage. that dog, is so darn cute!!

everyone in oz is very very friendly, and they can chat just about anything in this world.

me and qi (yes, that’s the code name for my dearest, to be used with discretion) were brought by her aunt’s to palmetto place - aunt’s house.

along the way, her aunt got carried away with talking to us and got caught by traffic police for speeding, but she got away with it scot free.

P: hi, madam, you’re speeding, license, please.

A: oh, officer, my name is ABC, it’s so embarassing. I have guests today and this is my first time being caught speeding. I thought the speed limit was 80.

P: oh no madam, it was 60. my boss told me to catch ABC today. (laugh)

A: oh officer, tell your boss to give me a chance please, tell him, i’m his ex-gf. (laugh)

(the police officer went to back of the car and came back)

P: you’re a very lucky person today, madam.

Indeed, she was.

Violating traffic offense here equals to getting monetary fines and cut down on demerit points. Once all points are gone, you’ll just have to be suspended for a period of time.

Enjoyed the healthy lunch of curry puff and headed down to southbank and city central with bus together with aunt, just for walk around. Familiarize myself with the bus system. Rather easy, i guess. A$5 - offpeak saver, unlimited trip whole day.

Getting very tired after it. Jetlag perhaps.


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