Apr 10, 2006

myKad, your card, who cares!!

still in australia

having a great time here. absolutely lovely and romantic night at the riverbanks and on the bridge.

i used to read a book about the great characteristics of every race. I had forgotten what its title. But basically, it regards the malays as the lepak people, describing them as a bunch of pakcik sitting near the coffee shop by the sea side enjoying a cup of teh tarik while describing the chinese as the usual business savvy and stingy taukeh or traders. Anyway, 2 days here in aus really made me realize that australians are pretty lepak people. Everything is slow in a wonderful way. They are slow but efficient. The public buses here is wonderfully timed down to plus minus 2 minutes. The bus drivers issue the ticket themselves, and they take their own sweet time to do it, say ‘hi’ to passengers, answer any questions no matter how stupid they are, and once i witness, the bus driver actually waited for a girl (about 3mins) as she need to get something from the nearby petrol station before she boarded the bus as her bf stopped the bus earlier.

The government planned parks around the offices and the workers could just have a power nap at the parks or simply have a nice stress-busting stroll down that refreshing place

i understand now that lepak doesn’t necessary be inefficient. Of course, in malaysia it is a different story altogether.

still pretty annoyed by malaysian events and news.

from The Star, MyKad loss totals RM75mil

Thanks to the lackadaisical attitude of many Malaysians, the Government has lost a whopping RM75mil through the loss of MyKad.

(never forget that all the people in the government are mostly malaysian. do malaysian really need a Mykad. For what? regular check-up and update on our details esp our religion?)

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said: “The MyKad should be treated as if it is money and should be kept as safe as how you keep your money.”

Some two million MyKads have been reported lost since 2001 and for those who got MyKad free, the Government had to shoulder the cost of producing each card at RM38.

(is it really RM 38? or it’s RM 3.50 + red-tape masuk poket sendiri taxes RM 34.50?)

Although some of that money was regained through the fines and fees levied (between RM10 and RM100), it was not enough, Tan said.

He said that aside from proposing higher fines for those who lose their MyKad, the ministry would also consider penalising “repeat offenders” – those who have lost their MyKad three times or more.

(now only you consider?!? it takes an idiot to plan this, and a bigger idiot not to anticipate this to happen)

“We will not give them a new MyKad for three to six months, just to teach them a lesson and also to properly investigate why they lose it so many times,” he said.

(grow up please!!)

“Now, they only have to wait seven to 14 days before getting a new MyKad, so they take things easy and are not bothered if they lose it.”

Lamenting the “could-not-be-bothered” attitude of Malaysians when it comes to taking care of the MyKad, Tan said there were far too many cases of carelessness.

“We have found that some people have lost their MyKad four times since first receiving it. This is very careless.”

He expressed worry that certain quarters would get their hands on the lost MyKads, alter them and pass them off as their own for illegal activities.

Although he stressed that the chip could not be forged, he noted that not everyone carried a MyKad reader to scan what was in the chip.

“This is why Malaysians must keep their MyKad properly. It is a sophisticated and valuable document that will soon be used for travelling to other countries. You must keep it properly,” he added.

On when the old ID card would be phased out, Tan said a date had yet to be fixed as there were still some 800,000 Malaysians who had not received their MyKad.

“We cannot set a date until a large majority of these people have received their MyKad,” he said.

Several groups have expressed shock that so many MyKads have been lost in so short a time, involving such a huge amount of money.

Cuepacs president Datuk Nordin Abdul Hamid said those who lost the cards due to negligence should be made to pay the full sum in replacement costs.

“For those who lost their MyKad due to unwanted incidents such as snatch thefts or robberies, it is all right for the Government to impose a minimal fine or not at all.

“If it is proven that they lost the cards due to negligence or carelessness, it only shows that they have an attitude problem.”

Fomca secretary-general Muhammad Shaanie Abdullah said the public should realise the consequences of losing MyKad as it could be misused.

(yes, cakap cakap cakap cakap sahaja, macamlah orang akan dengar…)

MTUC president Syed Shahrir Mohamud said: “Two million losses in five years is a huge number. The question is how can it happen? What is the percentage compared to existing cardholders?”

He said MTUC also wanted to know the actual cost of production and how much the Government had to bear due to the losses.

“We want clarification on the costs involved. We cannot simply propose an increase in penalty as it may burden the public,” he said.

(bullshit!! you lose something you pay fully for the second piece, what’s wrong with paying the full sum? you already got the first one at discounted price!)

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