Apr 15, 2006

penangites 'guhh'

discussion with my fellow traveller aka my dearest revealed that somehow or in someway, the mandarin phrases spoken by penangites, especially yours truly seems to have added an extra ‘gohh’. I seems to be in a dark about this while this had been perhaps widely discussed over at the fully chinese literate circle of friends (no result concrete result so far).

for ie

‘ba si hai me dao GOHH’ - bus haven’t arrived yet

‘hai you shi jian GOHH’ - still have some time left

I tried to establish the rules or patterns of its usage, but I still could not make out how it got infiltrated into our everyday’s Mandarin. I picked them up from my mom and dad and sis and relatives and friends and anyone else within the state of Penang or somewhere north Peninsula.

Being someone who is semi literate (able to listen and speak, minimal in read and write) in Mandarin, I wonder what’s the chinese character for ‘GOHH’?

I could not also figure out where it came from. We can blame point to Malay language for our "lar/lah" or "kut" (kedahan used it often), but where in the hell or heaven does "GOHH" comes from?

anyone who read this please help me out - ask around OR ask any language/cultural expert around.

a run off to other topic, our little friend from health ministry datuk LKC promised us frightening pics about the horrible complications of smoking on cigarette packs soon (idea copied from our neighbouring country - thai and singapore). See when will this all turn up, this year or before the next election? loooooooooooooook out for it!!

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