May 31, 2006

may mayhem

from french art to indonesian art

"He put it together and came up with this interesting piece of art that encapsulates how time stood still for the people of Yogyakarta during the calamity."

May 2006 marks the month when yet another major calamity struck our neighbour country, Indonesia. Before this was the tragedy at Acheh, not so long ago. And Mount Merapi awaits its final moment to lash out yet another round of hardship to the Indonesian.

Not so long ago, a few months ago, I received an email from a coursemate of mine. It was a forward mail. God knows how many times it had gone around the world. It was an article about why the sinophobic indonesian does not deserve the help from others, especially the Chinese. There were pics of horrible rape, murder and torture of men and women, especially the Chinese during the Indonesian Riot May 1998, quoting that all the calamity is a payback for their sins. I deleted it immediately. Some of the pics from that mail were vaguely like the ones below.

The past is the past. We must forgive, but never forget. Does Indonesian themselves realized their own grave mistakes?

Somehow, I am truly sadden by the news of the earthquake in Jogyakarta. Skeptical as I am today, I really question whether all this disaster is a payback to the Indonesian.

Perhaps it is true that somehow you reap what you sow. The horror that they did to others sons and daughters will come back to you in a miraculous way.

Nevertheless, it is a sad sad state in Indonesia, and irrespective of race and skin colour, one should help and donate to the people there.

As for Malaysian, hope this time, we can give donation with a sincere . I still remember when items collection was done at a local temple, many people were donating stupid items like rusty badminton rackets, trophies, torn underwear and etc etc.

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