Feb 23, 2006


today is the dateline/deadline for handing up our KKM forms. KKM - kementerian kesihatan malaysia or MOH ministry of health… my future boss after I bagged a decent pass in my coming final exam.

All their forms must be filled in black ink and it would piss them off if I use blue ink which i did. Therefore, I had to buy another form just to refill in black ball point pen borrowed from Jaya. Yes, I don’t have any black ball point pen. I detest gloomy black colour and only rejoice in the full blue of things. Oh, come on, even our national flag have blue colour, not black, unless you count the line in between the colours. "biru dalam bendera bermakna perpaduan".

I believe it is such a tragedy that I had started to feel displease (minor form of hatred) towards my future boss, even before I started working with them. Correction, under them. I guess it could be pretty cool working under a funny boss - i think I would really ease my revision some of the psychiatric lessons that I’d acquired in UMMC. blue ink, not black - probable OCD

KKM is also the one who is responsible for the placement for our houseman training. According to urban legend, none of my seniors from Penang who choses Penang hospital as one of their choices will be sent there. Sadly, people from other states was being placed there. And in the briefing few days ago by one of KKM’s konco-konco, he strongly detest people applying hospital which is close to their own home. I don’t understand what is the principle of placement? What’s wrong with letting us stay and serve the people at our hometown. As houseman (HO), we will have inadequate time to be with family, and if we were sent off to a faraway state, won’t the travelling time just kills off the major portion of our quality time with family.

Or they just take HO placement as an exhange program. "OK, orang pinang, biar dia pergi kelantan. Orang kelantan, biar dia pergi penang" I have no idea.

Well, not that I had major problem settling down at other hospital if penang hospital is filled up with penangites, but it is with people from other states…

Anyway, I don’t know and I don’t bloody care what strategy to get it, I will just give KKM my most sincere choice of hospital that I wished to serve as HO.

  1. Hosp Pulau Pinang
  2. Hosp Seberang Jaya
  3. Hosp Sungai Petani, Kedah

If in history, none of the senior from Penang had went back to Hosp Penang for HOship, I shall be the first.

And for the record, if my wish does come true, I shall shave my head bald, yes, bald, down to the last hair over my mold just below my left ear.

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