Mar 16, 2009

a game of dare

CIJ and Wami are deeply concerned that a precedent has been set for online censorship using the same law that is said to protect the free flow of information online. It goes against Malaysia's commitment of no internet censorship legislated in section 3(3) of the CMA and in the Multimedia Bill of Guarantees.

The violation of the promise is a sign that the government, at the brink of the impending change in prime-ministership, is getting more authoritarian.

The charges against the six also come during an on-going political crisis in Perak and we question whether penalising public discussion on the fallibility of the monarchy is also the federal ruling party Barisan Nasional's attempt to stop the discussion about its role in the political crisis.

A game of dare. the government is sending out a message to everyone dwelling in the cyberworld to watch out. they are going to pick the 'lucky' few to serve as an ardent warning.

but with unemployment rate going up north, and prison serving better food (but no pork) nowadays, thanks to the press, some people rather spend their time in prison as hero of freedom of speech rather than being an unemployed low life.

Let's just see, how much the government prepare to wage in this game of dare.

Or they had forgotten about their losing battle approx 1 year ago.


ahlost said...

Didn't know got such thing till I read it here ;)

Thanks for sharing :)

pilocarpine said...

the law usu catches those who break it, but doesn't have money to pay it.