Mar 17, 2009

tip of the iceberg

Iranian judiciary orders jail term for news agency headThe Malaysian Medical Council has acted against 13 doctors — including striking the names of two of them off the medical register — for various offences last year.

Among them are:
1. Dr Nusyirwan Mohd Syukur - using UKM instead of the real uni (fraud)
2. Dr Zuabidah Zabidin - allowing an unqualified person to attend, treat and prescribe scheduled poisons to patients without her or any other registered practitioner's supervision. (dangerous)

This news came as a warning and also a timely regulatory, but with lack of knowledge, lack of practical training, lack of commitment from the medical school, and finally with increasing patients load, patients' demands, red tape in public practice and politic play in medical practice, this is as what Winston Churchill once said, " This is not the end, or the beginning, this is the end of the beginning."

Time will tell whether we'll see beyond the tip of iceberg.

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