Mar 30, 2009


Grateful to Dr. J for helping me sort out some statistic headache.

Wow! I just completed the whole series of “Death Note” anime. Definitely more mind-blowing than the movie, but can be quite confusing if you didn’t keep your concentration straight.

After the eventful week that was.

I guess most of the people still pretty chatty about the new leadership of UMNO.

This party is the supremo uno in the BN coalition in this country and somehow, just like what America is to the world in every single way, except the maturity to see beyond race and skin color.

Everyone is being reminded to stay clear of talking anything bad about the new leadership, or else one will face some kind of judgments. Probably nothing much will happen till the 3 by-elections are over, just keep everything pretentious and all.

The recent water cannon incident near my place was the talk of the town.

From what I heard, as Brother Anwar stepped on the stage, not even a word came out from him, and he was ‘shot’ down instantaneously. I did not see this incident, so the validity of this news is doubtful.

However, some citizen were criticizing Pakatan Rakyat for spending unnecessary amount of money and effort for putting up all those flags, banners and all those speeches.

“Come on lar, brother. PR puts up a ‘teh kor’ also can win liao lar.”

* teh-kor = underwear.

I was wondering whose underwear will PR field?

Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau will see a bigger majority.

Batang Ai’s still a worthy fight.

I guess the R-A-H-M-A-N prophecy will come true after all.


I can’t say I am glad, can’t say I ain’t happy.

R-A-H-M-A-N, afterall, ends with the letter N.

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