Mar 30, 2009

record holder - 15, 16

congrats to my colleague, A, for breaking the record of having the highest number of C-Section in one day of on call 2 nights ago.

the 'lucky' number was 16.

that's about one C-Section every one and a half hour.

wondering whether does it got to do with the new roster that A put up in the pantry.
sometimes, kamma do works in a very mysterious way.

now, all wards is packed and loaded with undischargable post C-section patients.

whereelse, in Bukit Selambau, On 29 Mar, the EC finally announced a record breaking 15 candidates for the seat — the BN's Ganesan, PKR's Manikumar, and 13 independents.

probably some of the gullible independents thought about hitting the gold mine if they're elected and hopped. some people do take politics as a serious business.

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