Apr 15, 2009

bloggers' warning alarm

after the famous RPK arrest.

another alarm is ringing.

steak... I mean, stakes are being Raised (no pun intended).

and it is creating ripples...

and ripples...

internet does not work in a legal vacuum... but then again...

after releasing a whole lot of ISA detainees,
a brand new 'image' is not easy to upkeep, right?

here's a poem by annoyed, which I find rather amusing.

1 Utama is only a drive away

1 Malaysia is a concept? A vision? A place?

DPM and the rest are not even clear of
what more people like you and me?

maybe PM just say only, 1 Malaysia
as there is only 1 Malaysia on earth
this may be what he meant

just like people may be confusing
between Rias and Rice
betwen Yatim and Orphan
Malaysia’s Rias is not Rice
neither, Rias is not an orphan

which one you prefer?
1 Utama or 1 Malaysia
Rice or Rias
I prefer none of them

I want Malaysian Malaysia


bongkersz said...

I thought Annoyed is you. :P No? Don't hide behind Anonymous.. HAHAHA!

pilocarpine said...

haha... i am just another stalker... seriously not Annoyed...