Apr 14, 2009

tis little piggy pergi aquarium

I guessed Penangites are truly blessed.

The island simply got everything.

We got hills,
we got sea,
we got the rivers,
we got almost everything (except those withheld by the Fed Garbermen)

here's the thing, 2 weeks ago, in conjunction with Aedan's 3rd birthday by lunar year. It's actually by simple math 2 years old, but somehow lunar year, the basic principle is to +1 to the real thing. I never seems to understand why.

I used to ask my mom, being the inquisitive child.

" Like dat, like dat lar. No need to ask."

When I asked when I was in primary school.

"Like dat, like dat lor. No point asking."

When I asked when I gone to secondary school.

"Like dat, like dat lar. You ask for what?"

after a while, I asked other people. No one seems to know either.

my conclusion: Like dat, like dat lor. +1 mah +1 lor.

Maybe this is to satisfy the parents that their children is growing up faster.

Maybe this explain why people nowadays when growing up, they tend to be more 'western', so they can be younger, can break away from the '+1' rule.

Just, maybe. maybe.

As the saying goes, the best things in life is indeed free. The visit to the awesome aquarium was great. I believe Aedan watched and learned a lots of new things and made friends with some new animals.

aqua1 by you.
talking parrot & big koi

aqua2 by you.
feeding the koi & watching the iguana shit

aqua3 by you.
up close with iguana & the rich "kam chien" kuai (turtle)

entrance is free.
parking RM 1.
koi feeds RM 1.
time with my family - priceless.
for everything else. no mastercard needed.


kc said...

Aedan has grown up so fast !

pilocarpine said...

d growth hormone does help...