Apr 13, 2009

'i' asshole vs ISO

ISO, KPI, PTK all are mimics of the standards set by other countries which uses a systematic way to improve and keep track of their work, and to justify the control and constant development and delivery of process.

We all criticized China for being the king of ciplak, yet here, we ourselves are the ciplak.
Worst still, we are not even good at ciplak-ing.
At least, ciplak from China or other country looks like the real ones.
Ours are just pathetically recognizable ciplak - literally original ciplak.

ISO, KPI, PTK is just another ciplak like most shows in Malaysia which lacks originality, mainly exhibited by the buffets of entertainment ciplak game shows or celebrity get together served in our local TV channels. Celebrity Karaoke, by far is most appalling show. Ever. Personally, as far as I know or exposed to, the only original thing Malaysian can be proud of is the work of Yasmin Ahmad.

ISO sounds the same as I-asshole.
Therefore, you also have to be an asshole.

From ISO to KPI, it sparks another argument of whether the KPI should be made public.

Why are we being particular about the branches and the leaves, when there is something obviously pathetically and annoyingly wrong with the root and trunk.

IMHO, KPI is total bullshit, if it is set by people who thinks about the whole protocols and all but does not practice medicine.

KPI talks about reducing waiting time
reducing waiting = reducing consultation time = insufficient medical check up = error in medicine = morbidity and mortality

ISO talks about locking every darn linen room. And in the event of emergencies, needed to change to sterile attire to go and standby for baby via Caesar, someone goes missing with the key to the linen room and everything got delayed.

KPI talks about fully documentation of flow of decision to C-Section in computer.
To get patient into the OT requires more than 10 clicks and at least interface.
Luckily, aiming to save the baby and the patients, KPI is ignored.
by the time baby delivered,
by IT, the mother is virtually still in Labor room.

So is this failed KPI?

You know what we really need.

We desperately need a KPI to regulate the KPI.

ISO is just the assessment for that transient period of time where everyone work up to standard, and then celebrate and rot later.

* KPI - key performance index. ISO - international organization for standardization, PTK - penilaian tahap kecekapan.

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Haris Abdul Rahman said...

The KPI for KPI is totally valid