Apr 12, 2009

Chinese government in Malaysia

hope. i hope the water supply returns today.
hearsay. large water pipe burst in Sg lalang. now, everyone in SP is holding on to their tangki's water.
mine had outlived its function. what's taking them so bloody long to fix.
my colleague's place already without water for 3days.

from MI:

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is confused, perplexed, puzzled.

He cannot understand why Malaysian Chinese voters continue to treat the Barisan Nasional with disdain. He cannot fathom why after tossing millions of ringgit to improve Chinese language schools, the BN lost by-elections in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau.

Malaysia’s deputy prime minister wonders whether the Chinese have begun to think of themselves as kingmakers in the new political landscape.

“The Chinese even though are a minority group feel that they have the deciding power because the Malays are split into three groups… In such a situation, they can decide the outcome of an election and this can be seen from the general election and the by-elections.

“They think they have the power to decide. It is not only the Chinese but the Indian community as well,’’ he told Mingguan Malaysia today.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says that Chinese voted for Pakatan Rakyat because they were swayed by efforts by the Opposition to frame the Perak constitutional crisis as an attempt by a Malay government to usurp power of a Chinese government............

  1. please do not toss our own money (taxed by government) back to us at the discounted amount
  2. kingmakers? who are the people making the king do things for them?
  3. minority? since when?
  4. government - voted by the Malaysians for Malaysians. Is there a Chinese government before?
it's been more than a year since the last GE.
some people are still as lost as ever.

looks like we're just going to lepak till the next GE,
where real business will resume action.

as for now, we just need to keep an eye on people who will probably go around last minute plundering, stealthily.


ahlost said...

OMG !! How can he said that?? O_O

Why must point at Chinese? Stop being a racist before pointing at people accusing people a racist *roll eyes*

pilocarpine said...

not really pointing at Chinese.

they are frustrated for their loses, and instead, they are blaming the BN component parties for failure to attract votes..

but then again, the reason why other parties going to sink in BN is because of their association with the supremo uno party...

Anonymous said...

I am not too worry about the comment, I am more concern about the thought process and insight in producing the comment especially him being the current number two. Is he trying to inflame the Chinese, the Malays or he just made the comment saja-saja? God please help us.
Malay/37/UMNO member since 1990

pilocarpine said...

i believe BN is a greater soul compare to PR, if only they would open their eyes and understand what Malaysians really wanted, beyond our race and skin color.

comment saja saja is not acceptable for number two or whatever number if you're one of the country's leader.

the public is always the boss.
the boss is always right, right?

bongkersz said...

I am exteremely pissed with Apanama's statement. The old man is a F-racist! He's a shrewd, manipulative politician and often use racial rhetorics to further his political mileage.

Well it's not the first time, the employee is not listening to the boss. http://bongkersz.com/can-an-employee-refuse-a-meeting-with-the-boss/

Shall teach them lesson when the opportunity comes.