Apr 1, 2009

cane-brain disease | serembam virus

newly discovered virus. DNA (dumb nonsensical ass) double-stranded virus.


currently actively spreading in the city of Serembam.

claimed first victim - 9 years old student.

believed to be actively spread along the hands and the brain.

where trauma or inflammation on the any parts with high viral load (hands or brain) will result in the inflammatory response in other parts of the body, especially the central nervous system.

incubation period still under observation.

believed to have spread to the media people reporting the death of the 9 years old as just another case of student abuse.

believed the primary lesion in the media people is the brain, in contrast to the hands of the 9 years old.

therefore, it is also believed virus primary site of attack will greatly determine the prognosis of the disease.

unable to determine whether the spread of the disease is by air droplets or affinity by sheer stupidity.

therefore, all the citizen of seremban or nearby places are advised to keep your hands in a safe place, preferably at below -5 degree Celcius or at least hope that the virus primarily attacks the brain.

prevention and control of this virus is still under low budget research.
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