Apr 1, 2009

day one of life

grateful to: Dr. S, T, A, L, K and H for making my day one productive.


reached NICU 0630H. Heard Dr Thiyagar will start round around that time.

Oops. He will start coming in Sunday.

Maybe that's an unintended April Fool's joke for me.

Nonetheless, I had more time to explore NICU and got myself orientated.

Resuscitated 3 babies under Dr. L. Real training definitely rocks!!

So far, most memorable thing I had noticed in the NICU is the baby with Antenna, as Dr. H puts it...

"This baby long story... Now got Astro.. somemore"

Guess what's that antenna?
0904 nicu by you.


Anonymous said...

ventricular peritoneum shunt If the baby is hydrocephalus?

pilocarpine said...

my hospy not dat canggih.. yet

pilocarpine said...

it's a branula on the scalp vein!!

Anonymous said...

ic...i think i noe who's Dr.H d,grad from Jap med school..^^