Apr 8, 2009

diam-diam biri-biri (silence of the lamb)

grateful to Dr. S for teaching me UVC/UAC insertion.

Azilah who started his testimony on Jan 15 stated that he had no motive to kill or destroy the woman and instead he only met Altantuya to advise her politely not to harass Abdul Razak or create a ruckus outside the latter's home.

Azilah also told the court that he was ordered by a superior, DSP Musa Safri to help Abdul Razak and thus he would not have done something stupid like killing and what more when he was a policeman.

While defending himself Sirul Azhar broke down a few times and related to the court that he has been made the 'sacrificial lamb' in the murder.

As the whole malaysia go silent, anxiously awaiting the new cabinet line-up, 2 police officers were being sentenced death for doing the extreme. they may have been the scapegoat or 'sacrificial lamb', no one put a rifle to their head when they decided to stuff the explosives into the mouth of the victim. nevertheless, they are too young to go around fooling with C4.

is this the end, or is it just the end of the beginning?

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