Apr 9, 2009

fiction 2/7 ago

1: hey, don't be shock tomorrow
jk: what to be shock?
1: u're not in the gang
jk: y not?
1: u're evil, n u can't work, at least, I can work
jk: so what u 1 (no pun intended) me to do? shake xxx?
1: just dun cause trouble
jk: are u threatening me?
1: no. i'm warning u. btw, just ordered boxes of C3
jk: ok. i will tell ppl i will focus on something else
1: whatever excuse, not my problem.
jk: so M&M got some into the gang
1: not ur business, either.
jk: ok ok ok. bye. (thinking: u just wait, u old man)

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