Apr 9, 2009

never fair, never right

grateful to: bongkerz for all the most wonderful jokes...

Whenever you think you're being mistreated,
whenever you believe you deserve more,
whenever you felt neglected,
think of the following joke,
it will definitely lighten (no pun intended) up your day.

What fair? Right? Just?
What the heck are you talking about?
The truth about fair and just in this country is just like Samyvellu’s left testicle.
Never RIGHT.
Never FAIR
politics in malaysia. real bollocks.


Anonymous said...

yea..NEVER FAIR..LOL..migrate..migrate..consider Aussie lar..

bongkersz said...

The joke is from Talentime The Movie man, a local production :P Slightly modified, to include the legendary Samyvellu, ehe!

pilocarpine said...

i gather, u're a big fan of SammyV

bongkersz said...

I am, in a way. Muahahahahaha!