Apr 20, 2009

perverted search

all the major twisted perverts in Malaysia, especially Klang Valley, rather than hump themselves dry with pictures of models, super models or sexy singers, will instead go around the WIDE web to search for
New pictures of Nude Eli Wong
Lee Kok Liang Sr
Lee Kok Liang Jr
As a mainstream media, publishing such article to further on continue the "Eli-Wong-nude-this-nude-that" wave, rather to let it slowly cool down, is not just despicable, it is downright appalling.

And NO, inserting the following paragraph
Eli (Wong) is a strong person and she can see herself through this. She has been carrying out her duties since her return and attended the monthly morning meeting (on Monday) and faced everyone.
doesn't really help to show you're singing praises for her courage. Instead, it is just another hidden show of hypocrisy.

And this article doesn't scare any people into submitting those photos, either.

You got enough political gimmicks to sell, no need to further fuel Eli's darkest past.


seahorse27 said...

The media is just being politely sarcastic...

Anonymous said...

they're being plain political