Jun 12, 2009


All hail the great El Nino... It's coming and it's real.

Me and my missus is recuperating from possible aftermath of heatstroke after the full day of white water rafting and scuba discovery.

Luckily, the great sunblocks did a better job than our national fire service.

In relation to this, it remind me of one recent occasion where my colleague took the initiative to call BOMBA Miri to report a bush fire burning in the campus. It was quite ‘big’ as it was spreading pretty fast toward the main building with the help of Mother Nature - wind.

Colleague : Hello, Jabatan Bomba?
Bomba : Ya, ada apa saya boleh bantu?
Colleague : Saya nak buat laporan. Berlaku kebakaran hutan di dalam kawasan kampus kita. Boleh hantar bantuan untuk memadamkan kebakaran?
Bomba : Oohh..sik ada apa ya. Pandei nya padam kedirik kelak.
Colleague : What?!!

*she hanged up*

Maybe it's just an isolated incident (hope against hope), but then again do keep our finger crossed, the ice box loaded, the fans all well positioned, the air conditioned well maintained and those sexy clothes well dug out from the closets.

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