Jun 12, 2009

Cam Cam Tei

cam cam tei. well, in cantonese, cam cam tei probably have a meaning that someone, usually a guy, is behaving like a girl, soft and less of a gentleman. perhaps gentlerman.

but why 'cam'?

I am still on the verge of getting me self a good real cam. Camera.

Most of the time, the best cam that I ever used was the camera phone of Sony Ericson, my grad gift from my dearest.

Quality-wise, of course, not that good, but then again, lots of moments are being captured timely. Since my little Aedan grew fonder of this phone, wear and tear had stripped my phone off the functionally of the cam.

Being obviously jealous of all those beautifully marvellous good pictures of my fellow friends had with their DSLRs, I was on the verge of getting myself a DSLRs. My thoughts and intentions went to Canon 1000D.

But being careful (the other word for kiamsiap), I am still holding on to my bucks, wondering whether I can bear the sacrifice of mobility of a compact cam.

I think this debate is very timely, and a good browse through. Although the PROs seems to be winning the debate, the vital points raised made my heart fell more in love with the mobility of COMPs.

On the lighter note, I guess Kenny's made his point rather well.

Digital cameras are a bit like girls.

You know the heavy ones can do a great job, but it’s the skinny ones you really wanna bring out in public.

From Personal Money, Jan 2009 issue, the 5 Digicams under RM1000 recommended are as follows:
Samsung DigiMax i8
Nikon CoolPix S560
Olympus mju1040
Canon Powershot A590IS
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3

My cam-compass is pointing at Canon. Still scouting for a good bargain.
Hope it's on to the right direction.


Michelle Mak said...

olympus has better quality of picture ler...

pilocarpine said...

my cam specialist pal recommend Canon G10...

he believes
good quality -- canon/nikon
durable cam -- olympus
very yeng cam -- sony