Jun 13, 2009

Lame attempt 1: Near miss


Blogging is sort of like keeping a friggin journal, something that I would want to look back and ponder upon, how I behave the way I behave, and the journey that would have make me who I am now, and who I wants to be in the future.

Yeah. Perhaps it’s just another bunch of philosophical crap, then, so be it.

To blog about work, especially in my medical field, bridging confidentiality is always a big task, especially so if anything mentioned here maybe open to misinterpretation or litigation.

In the time of economic downturns, more people are looking for lobangs. My blog do not intend to be one of those lobangs.

Long time ago, I did discuss this dilemma that I was in with a fellow blogger, paediatric enthusiast and kalyanamitta, Dr Lee, current serving in Down under, and he proposed that I write something of a fable or story, with a hidden meaning.

I did try writing one of those fable or story, but it turned out to be rather comical and hilarious ‘not fit’ for my journal, therefore those masterpieces were unpublished and moved to ‘recycle bin’ awaiting further elimination.

Anyway, I just felt I shouldn’t have given so easily, and therefore here’s my another lame attempt at it.

Hopefully, not the last.

Near Miss.

The red army is closing in.

The Red Army

Usually their numbers are small. But today, it is different.

They come out of nowhere.

Peripheral scouts manage to pinpoint and confirm their invading horror.

Figure of 8 bars put up over their next possible entry site with haste, and its bases are locked tightly. Multiple boulders are strategically placed behind those bars.

Together with other lieutenants, we retreat to distance away from the Red Army. Hopefully to make a clear escape, but behind us, there are nothing but 4 walls.

“Eagle ONE, this is Charlie One, we need back up, over and out.”

“chzzt… chzzt”

“Eagle ONE, Eagle ONE, can you read me.”

“chzzt… chzzt..”

This worries me more than ever. Unable to get the Major, I guess I have no choice but to turn to the General up in the hills, disrupting his slumber in such ungodly hours.

“Kappa ONE, this is Charlie ONE, do you have Eagle ONE with you? Over.”

“Charlie ONE, sorry, mate, No. Over”

“Swallow ONE, this is Charlie ONE, do you have Eagle ONE with you? Over.”

“Charlie ONE, negative. I repeat. Negative. Over.”

“Beaver ONE, this is Charlie ONE, do you have Eagle ONE with you? Over.”

“Charlie ONE, not within my parameters. Over.”

Not within the surrounding regimen. Oh gosh.

Could this be a big nightmare coming true?

I guess my last resort is obvious – The General.

“Alpha ONE, this is Charlie ONE, can you read me? Over.”

“Charlie ONE, read you loud and clear. Over.”

“Alpha ONE, unable to locate Eagle ONE, requires back up. Over.”

“Charlie ONE, lay down your status, Charlie ONE. Over.”

“Alpha ONE, Red Army moving in fast, Bars and boulders holding up. Over.”

“Charlie ONE, we’re coming in. Stay alive.”

Loud banging over the bars seems to cease. Glimpse of hope. A silver lining of optimism.

Everyone hold their own breath. For a moment, complete silence among the small company.

Lieutenant Yenhos whispers, “From the look of it, everything going to be alright.”

I hope so.

Boulders removed. No Red Army in sight.

“Alpha ONE, this is Charlie ONE, Red Army gone. Over.”

“Charlie ONE, are you sure? Over.”
“Alpha ONE, positive. Over.”
“Charlie ONE, keep a long scout, keep an eye on them. Over.”

“Alpha ONE. Roger. Over and out.”

The crystal clear sight through the lens of my binocular strikes through the jungle trail beyond the safety ground, revealing the enchanting flora and fauna.

Clearly, no Red Army in sight.

Relieve. Live to tell the tale.

I simply sucks at writing anecdotal story, right?


seahorse27 said...

I, your avid reader, almost fainted reading this post... and I wonder how much time you put in to compose this.. :)

Sasi said...

its too long :P

pilocarpine said...

@sh: err... i din compose.. the excitement of that moment made me wanna pen down my thoughts.. it took me 20mins max.
it was an exciting on call... luckily, no harm done...
@sasi: welcome. will try to KISS next time. KISS = keep it short and sweet.