Jul 11, 2009

OGSM, not orgasm I : 5stars experience

OGSM01 by you.

A break-away from the working routine and a little get-away together with my dearest to this conference.

OGSM basically stands for Obstetrical and Gynecological Society of Malaysia. But to be called as simply 'orgasm' may seems offending for some, but in my opinion, that just so cool.

Going to this congress wasn't a easy task to take up the hill.

If not for my research study to be presented in poster, i may need take a long queue before going to any course. The only course that I ever will get to do will probably be the Prevention of Fall in Patients workshop which was a basically more directed to the nursing side, and we go there just to make the workshop more credible. What I learn from the whole workshop can probably be summarized and fully digested by a paragraph beautifully captioned over a piece of A4 paper.

Going to this conference probably I got on somebody's nerve. But somehow, caring too much for that kind of somebody kind of make me bit pussy. pussy cat, ok. not the other pussy.

Anyway, big hugs to my mom for covering me and my dearest to take on family 'on calls' for that whole week.

Not to mention, Solvay for sponsoring my registration fee for the conference.

This would be my second visit to the land below the wind.

And OGSM conference is in 1borneo, and late booking left me with Tunehotel. I had always wanted to taste its '5stars' sleeping experience.

And as I checked in and went into the room, I saw this.

OGSM02 by you.

Note to self. Never trust advertisement. Never.

Due to lack of phone line from the room to the counter, I had to take a lift down to the lobby and asked them politely to change another room.
Receptionist: Wait a minute. I will ask my technician to go and see first.
Me: I think better change a room. Fixing it may take a very long while.
R: No. I will ask my technician to go and see first.
(waited for 10mins. called my dearest up there. technician not seen anywhere.)
Me: Excuse me, can we just change room. I just got into the room, didn't even move in yet.
R: No, wait first. my technician is on the way.
(waited another 20mins. technician finally there. walkie-talkied to the receptionist)
R: Berapo lamo?
Technician: agak lamo...
R: begini.... ah.
Me (interrupting): Kan dah bagitau?
R: Ok, we'll change another room.
M: Thank you. (in the most sarcastic tone ever. ever)

OGSM03 by you.

All freshen up, and ready to go for lunch after '5stars sleeping experience' delayed our lunch to tea time.

1borneo is a rather nice hyper mall. Perhaps a little bit too high end for Sabahans.

Ended up having dinner at the Wagamama Japanese Restaurant with 50% discount with my credit card. Typical sushi and sashimi food, but with a great bargain. After so many weeks, I guess that was my first step in damaging my personal weight loss program.

The next morning, I woke up early, purely because the sun was well up early in the morning. All bright and sunny 8am in the morning.

And I took a nice view of the landscape outside my room.

OGSM04 by you.

Then I went to the pre-conference workshop with Prof Kula. This workshop was well run. Prof Kula not only was dynamic, he was giving us a lot of practical points. I think after the workshop, my CSF probably went all dried up.

Then in the evening, the conference finally opened, with the standard itineraries and big shots giving speeches, plus special this time around, is the officiating of OGSM website.

OGSM05 by you.
to get to the website. one may click the link on the right of this site.

The opening dinner was loaded with great seafood and prawns, and there went my diet plan all going down the drain.

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