Jul 12, 2009

OGSM, not orgasm II: talk. party. Jolin

Initially, I was thinking this conference would be a walk in the park. But I was so wrong. It is jam-packed with lots of seminars and interesting symposium, and I definitely wished I could have split into 3 to attend 3 symposium that were held all at the same time.

This time, management had some setback. Basically, the hotel over promised, and first few symposiums was held in a carpark, with aircond vent blowing a rather well-warmed air, and the noise from the exhibition booth and the neighboring makan place.

OGSM06 by you.
For a consultant, or at least a specialist to be presenting in this kind of condition probably requires more than courage. Perhaps, it is professionalism.

The show must go on.

And indeed, as unpleasant as the condition of the symposium may be for the learning audience or crowds. The speakers were not the least bothered and instead of browsing through the slides like a disgruntled lecturers, they shared their knowledge as enthusiastic as ever.

OGSM07 by you.
One of them, Prof Georgiou actually not only promoting the latest innovation in fighting PPH, the expensive Bakri balloon, Prof also gave practical lesson on how to make a condom catheter balloon which seems to be a much more practical and cost effective item for our hospy.

To be honest, initially I was shocked to be sitting among the crowds in such a hot place, but learning was fun with all the new knowledge.

I guessed the management team got into a 'heated' (forgive moi pun) with the hotel people and the following symposium was conducted in a much conducive areas of the hotel. So much for the hotel team to 'accomodate' the changes.

Night time, initially OGSM was promising a street party, but at the same time, there was the promotional tour of Jolin Tsai in 1borneo itself.

And due to the fact that the streets going to be jam packed with cars and tattoo-laden, well waxed body, multiple colour-dyed hair, heavy celtic make-up teenagers and fans of Jolin, street party was converted to a beach party.

My dearest and I wasn't so much of a fan of Jolin, and so we decided to for the beach party.

And shuttle bus brought us there.

The minute I got to the seaside. My jaw dropped.

OGSM09 by you.
Truly sublime.

OGSM08 by you.

I was totally underdressed. I guessed I had my mind set on a different type of 'beach party'.

OGSM10 by you.
The band and the atmosphere was nice, but they did not really rock the party, so to speak.

My dearest and I, of course, go jalan-jalan...

OGSM11 by you.

We reached 1borneo with the first shuttle bus back, and was in time to see Jolin signing off a few last albums of hers.

And as she stood in front of the stage and posed before she left, my camera's battery went empty.

To the fans of Jolin, honestly, she looks much, much more younger in poster.

I couldn't bring myself to say it in another way.

OGSM12 by you.


fibrate said...

Lovely sunset...if only more medical conferences were held in KK

pilocarpine said...

actually quite a line of conferences were held in sabah tis year round..

there's ortho in may, and anaest's in july...

Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Sounded like you utilised the time there very well .....