Jul 13, 2009

OGSM, not orgasm III: banquet. ning baizura

OGSM13 by you.
On the 2nd last day of the congress, I was trying my best to visit some of the booth, while my dearest met up with her long, long, long... long time netfriend Stevenie, meeting up her for the first time.

Everyone was given a complimentary bird whistle, of which was encouraged to blow, instead of clapping to show recognition. Sounds kind of mediocre to the people not attending this banquet, but personally, we're all definitely having a marvellous time, although the major whistling did not attracts any birds.

The birds wouldn't have go near the hall, as the ceiling lamps were purely spooky. It probably looked like the ceiling of the Spider Spirit's home of the Journey to the West series.

OGSM14 by you.

And then, there was great line up of traditional dances and ceremonial display, with all their awesome traditional attire.

OGSM15 by you.

Of course, being seated together with Ern Huei and Daphne made this banquet even more enjoyable.

OGSM16 by you.

Then in night time, grand dinner. the banquet. I swear, the food wasn't better than the opening ceremony. Probably my standards just went up. Probably.

Nonetheless, there were complimentary local food and beverages to spice up the demanding palate.

OGSM17 by you.

Last but not least, the wonderful surprise of the energetic performance by Ning Baizura!!

OGSM18 by you.

OGSM19 by you.
And that night was the climax (no pun intended) of OGSM conference...

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