Aug 2, 2009

senseless street protest

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Senseless street protest.

Catchy title. You'd probably be thinking I am going to blog otherwise.

No, it is senseless, as much as I hate to agree with this fella, read my lips: S-E-N-S-E-L-E-S-S!

But I am glad, everything is calm back in KL again.

Although I believe, government offering a venue to hold peaceful demonstration is just so hard to believe. It sounds as if it is something that you say retrospectively just to look good, or in chinese, we called it the cannon behind the horse (if I'm not mistaken). It sounds like Khil Toyol offering commission of 50% of the massive price tag on his Balinese Mansion and simply doesn't want to offer the keys up to keep his bullshit on.

There's no doubt that ISA is draconian. At the moment writing this, I should probably be worried of being detained under ISA. But then again, with my personal blog entry just a read for myself and just few friends around me, I guessed they won't waste their prison space for me.

Nevertheless, to march with 10,000 people to Palace, and causing major chaos. Shops closed, traffic down, casualties brought to hospital. As if H1N1 was enough to keep the medical staffs in KL busy. Even someone trying to get into the action lost RM 18,000.

All this unnecessary chaos and coercion is equal to spitting to the sky. As a result of this, probably we'll be scaring away investors and shot down a few figures in our tourism sales.

Where there are still lots of people and children without food, shirt and clothings, yet, people chose to spend their money to buy anti ISA shirt rather than help out their fellow suffering Malaysians.

And the vids actually shown one of the demonstrator actually shouted out that the gathering is blessed by the God. I think He is all for peace.

Somehow I felt this mass gathering may be secretly instigated by the one to appear to have more sense than the political opposition.

If you'd seen an old Chinese movie, 'Black Gold' starring Andy Lau and Tony Leung Kar Fai, then one would see that the politician that Tony portrayed, was the one who purposedly started major chaos in the city, then stepped out in his pyjamas, to calm everyone and solve the commotion like a hero and then gained massive political mileage.

If one is not familiar with Chinese movie, the recent 'Angels and Demons' will put some perspective in the possible conspiracy behind the whole mass gatherings.

There's another famous chinese sayings: Gods is you, Ghost also you.

If you really think do not like the current government, remember them, and vote them out.


P.S. Don't give them chance to look good.


fibrate said...

My sentiments exactly. Start behaving like mobs (even if your cause is noble) and you lose your bargaining chip.

I think these people and the government DESERVE one another

pilocarpine said...

some people believes in violent...

i simply believes an eye for an eye, and the world goes blind..

EinsamSoldat said...

When a fellow men claimed they are noble, i just sit back and watch how noble they claim they are.Guess it is hard to be sane in this insane world LOL