Oct 17, 2009


For the people who tune in to this blog entry, will be wondering, or perhaps interested to know how the brand of '1malaysia' got franchised into the medical field.

Like it or lump it. Najip is the top guru in branding. He will definitely be remembered as Bapa 1Malaysia or perhaps the well-antagonized Bapa 1BlackMalaysia. Along with 1Bananaleaf and 1toilet, I guessed it is time that the govt, or at least the PR state govt, should come up with the concept of 1hospital.

Before they don the stets, every MDs took the vows of equality. Will treat everyone equally, give similar attention to every patients, and prioritize the more severe ones, no matter what race, creed, religion and bla bla bla and all that shits. Maybe we can call it 1patient in 1hospital.

But in the real world, a VIP or YB with a small abrasion wound on the little finger gets the attention from the whole wide world (which probably should be called as 1universe) while a beggar with a renal contusion (that may bleed to death in the next few hours) takes the back seat.

The concept of having 1st class and 2nd class beds in public hospy also bowled me over. If you're willing to pay more, then go to the private hospy. Public hospy is for the public. Full stop.

The luxurious deco, separators and upgrades of the 1st or 2nd class beds can definitely creates more 3rd class beds.

Maybe the idea of 1hospital is just simply way over my league.
Maybe some values are destined to be thrown out the window in the real world.
Just maybe.

There no such thing as 1patient, or 1hospital.
It is just 1bloodyBS that you simply can't get enough from TV dramas.


fibrate said...

What a great concept - 1Hospital. I'm waiting for the day when well-to-do VIPs will be so turned off by classless wards that they'll scoot off to private hospitals.

I remember so clearly one self-important, big-haired pompous lady complaining about the state of the waiting area outside the CCU - "What? You expect me to wait out there with all the filthy .......?"(fill in the blank with an ethnic group of your choice)

Go somewhere sterile by all means.

pilocarpine said...

big-haired people always don't have much space for their brain.