Nov 16, 2009

Learning curve


No. Not yet.

Being the working parents, me and my dearest have to thank our lucky star that we are blessed with a babysitter that came to our house to take care of my little Aedan during office hours. A rare gem, indeed.

But, in the early hours of the day, the babysitter also has another job as the cook for the nursery down the road. Therefore, little Aedan has to be sent to the nursery, mixing with the little crowd.

Thanks to the learning vids of ‘Baby Einstein’, ‘Barney’ and the ‘Ai yo yo teacher’, Aedan is learning slightly ahead his age. All of sudden, he became a role model to all the little ones of nursery. Peer pressure, indeed.

The teachers frequently quote: Aedan also knows, why you all don’t know.

Somehow, I think what the teacher did, although seems motivating (or pressuring), is rather inappropriate as children should be left to learn comfortably in their own learning curve.

Aedan seems ‘smarter’ because he had familiarized himself with some of the ABCs, or the Sunday-to-Saturdays, because he watched those vids over and over and over and over and over again during his meal.

He wouldn’t eat if nothing is on the idiot box.

At this point, perhaps calling the telly idiot box doesn’t sound so appropriate.

Somehow, I really hope those educational shows help Aedan’s digestion, as after hundreds of repeats, somehow or rather they have the differing effect to my appetite and gastric emptying.

By now, Aedan already loves schooling. Not really the actual schooling without any real homework, nevertheless it is a good start though. And what truly matters is the nursery lacks in the ground work of discipline and morality.

As in Buddhism, the foundation is always with sila (disciplined morality), follow by samadhi (concentration) and finally with panna (wisdom).

With discipline, comes knowledge. But with knowledge, discipline must not be compromised.

It is in the laziness that will lead to lack of self belief, resulting in living a life not our own.

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