Nov 17, 2009

no pants for women

grateful to: Dr. Haliza and Dr. Jackie for being the main pillars behind my study which got me into 1st place in state clinical audit, beating O&G specialist from Kulim to a close second. Nevertheless, I wasn't happy that they only gave each of us 7 mins to present (verbal diarrhoe all the way), and they serve lousy lunch (probably because no budget at the end of year).

They (whoever it is) said that good luck and bad luck came in a cycle. I just didn't realize that cycle was so fast as in few hours. After clinching the title, I had to travel on the hospital transport back to my hospy. The air-conditioner broke down, and the hot weather outside was simply toasting me while creating a mini mobile sauna for everyone in it. Yes, looking at the bright side, probably I could lose some weight by the time I got to my hospy. On the contrary, I developed rashes and bloody itchy ones all over my arms and thighs.

Worst of all, I had to give my opportunity to do procedures in elective OT today a miss because surgery and rashes isn't the coolest combination. Ever.

And yes, just being plain grumpy and all, I decided to give out sexist statement like the title of this entry, hoping that every ladies who read it will prematurely go up in flame in anger and rage, probably the uninhibited ones may just express a few pleasant vulgar words silently in their heart.

No, seriously, as we stretched out our index fingers and blamed the islamic political party of being ultra-conservative, probably we should read up about what was happening in France.

Women banned from wearing trousers in Paris

A decree banning women from wearing trousers in Paris is still technically in force, it emerged on Monday, making the laissez-faire French capital theoretically stricter than hardline Sudan in the fashion stakes.

And there you have it, no pants for women, if you're in Paris. But of course, the argument is pretty alive, do click on the link if you're interested.

Talking about women in pants. I think they pretty much dominate it all. Women can wear pants in the normal everyday life, but men can't wear dresses or skirts, without appearing like, you know what.

After school days, my sister has always been wearing pants, and the only time to see her wear a dress would probably have to wait till she had to wear a wedding dress, or probably have the opportunity to travel to Paris. Unless of course, the society of today will accept such a thing as wedding trousers. I guess some girls just ain't that comfy with dresses or skirts. If not mistaken, my dearest's nephew also have this fashion preference.

I remembered back in my medical school years, there is actually a lecturer, I couldn't remember who. A guy, of course. He commented that all female medical students must wear long dress to respect the fraternity. Must, as in compulsory. All my coursemates, especially the ladies, listened ever so carefully, and opened their eyes widely looking at one another, probably thinking "What the heck?!?!" or at the extreme "WTF".

I wonder whether if he's still there giving this decree to my juniors.

What's my take on it?

I think everyone has a freedom to wear what they wanted to wear (or not wear), just be decent and appropriate. Don't cause road traffic accidents, showing less than 40% is probably acceptable. How you calculate that, don't ask me.

P.S. Never thought I would blog about fashion. All the itchy rashes probably trashing my testosterone, and raking up my estrogen.

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