Dec 2, 2009

derailed thoughts

There is this bold house officer who asked me multiple requests yesterday, and ‘why other department can, but this department can’t’. I was stumped, obviously, awed by her boldness, but then again, I believed soon, her bold move was actually frank moronic stupidity masquerading as courage, which I think no high level of medical education will tell you that beforehand, until one really said it upfront and found shit up to thigh level or deep shit. To be in a department of the hospital of which house officers enjoyed pm off after on call plus weekend off without any deficits on their call claim, yet bold enough to ask for more, I think this is a classical case of ‘bagi betis, minta paha’. On second thought, it was more of ‘bagi paha, minta punggung’.

By now, I think many house officers around the country, will probably reading this and scheming up to assassinate me, or hypothesizing how my frustration going to stress-KO me out cold.

Aircraft Rocket

"It's slightly warm, but no anger is going to get over my head"

Fine. This wasn’t meant to be an entry about house officers initially, anyway. I just feel like bitching about monstrosity of house officers who treat patients inhumanely yet asked to be treated as a human. I think we should all take a moment of silence to grief on that. By ‘we’, I meant everyone, not just the medical people, because at the end of the day, you’re going to be lying there, dead because of some mismanagement of certain defective house officers, thanks to Ministry of Education (or is it Higher Education) for recognizing their obviously defective medical school, and Ministry of Health who pant obediently like a lapdog happily accepting them to screw up everybody’s life.

Now, I had forgotten what I initially wanted to blog about.

And no, I wasn’t d.a.m.n. p.i.s.s.e.d. about this.

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