Dec 5, 2009

tips for the driving mother

The lucky survivor(s) commented:

I was in a rollover car accident when I was nearly eight months pregnant with my second son. The car skidded on some ice, rolled down a hill and flipped over, landing on its roof.

The car was totaled - axles snapped, roof caved in, broken glass everywhere.

I had my seat belt on, worn properly and was uninjured. The baby was born two months later without incident. He’s a sophomore in college now - an intelligent, friendly kid who is also a talented musician.

I knew we were lucky, but now I realize just how lucky we were.

But one wonder what is the real thing that a pregnant lady should do to prevent oneself from car accidents which was rather rampant in our country, especially during the festive season.

Personally, the worst case that I had experienced with, was when I was the green house officer back in the old hospy. The mother was the one on the driving wheel, and the next moment, she was admitted with some abdominal pain, but definitely still lucid. Our best bet was then, on severe preterm labour, but then again, the ultrasound lined out one hell of a horror tale. The whole baby and some parts of the placenta was already outside of the uterus, with the fetal heart still beating.Without further delay, we knifed the abdomen, and fortunately, the mother went into the stats as another 'near miss'.

Although not a professional site, but I guess the advices given was quite valid and sound-minded.

A summary of what the pregnant lady should do:

1. drive responsibly. (no drink and/before drive, no handphones, no sms, no speeding, no orthodox life-threatening stunts)

the wrong way.

2. wear the seatbelt PROPERLY. (3 point belt is the best, one across the shoulder, the other on the lap, NOT across the abdomen)

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CORRECT: baby-friendly.

Pregnant woman putting on seatbelt in car

WRONG: Feticidal.

3. best coupled with the airbag

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4. as far possible from the steering wheel (Some vehicles have a button to adjust the height of the brake and gas pedal so shorter people don’t have to sit so close to the steering wheel. And there are after-market pedal extenders.)

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