Jan 4, 2010


I was doing postnatal round and I asked a house officer to counsel patient for contraception.

The HO looked at me blankly.

"But she is only Para 1 (first child)"

"Huh, so..."

"So fast, contraception already meh?" (Somehow some equating contraception with sterilization)

"Fren, contraception for spacing..."

"Oh... ya..."

"What is the ideal spacing period?"

"5 years" (He said with a blardy confident smile)

"OMG" (I said with a blardy sarcastic grin)

Conversation ended. His colleagues educated him further.

Seems Like A Solid Plan

Beats vasectomy anytime.


Yee said...

is it one year?

pilocarpine said...

it's 2 years...