Mar 22, 2010

abdominal swelling


Overheard this interesting conversation in Mandarin by my dearest with my almost 3years old Aedan, driving back to SP from Penang.

Dearest and Aedan was seated behind, while I was driving.

Aedan: Mummy, why are you not wearing seatbelt?
Mummy: Mummy belly big mar...
Aedan: Oooo...
Mummy: So mummy fat can't wear seatbelt lor...
Aedan: But, mummy, daddy also fat, he can wear seatbelt. You see, he's wearing seatbelt.
Mummy/Me: (=,='')

Reminds me of the several 'F' we learnt in our medical school about differentials for abdominal swelling. Fluid, Flatus, Filthy Tumor, Fetus and Fat.

I guess it is time to adhere to some weight loss regime.

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