Mar 16, 2010

when it rains, it POURS...

Few weeks back, since few days before the CNY, the weather in the Peninsular was murder.
Killer Hot.

Even at night, I was sweating like a dog, although I don't actually have a long tongue to stick out to cool down myself.

I thought to myself. The heat of the day and night was probably a good thing, creating an universal sauna for me so that I can peel off a fair amount of excess adipose from my CNY's binge eating.

It's really hot up here in the North. I read those temperature recorded by our Meteorological Department published in The Star Paper lately. Perlis had the highest temperature recorded. Basically, if you're hot in KL/Johor, here we're just kind off 20% warmer than you.

Sauna up north is better.

Nevertheless, the heat was kinda troubling, to the extend that I can't focus on doing much, although there was a mountain of things for me to settle.

Gladly, few days back, the weather stabilized and I was seriously glad that the blazing summer was over.

I could remember vividly the first day when the heat went away.

It was cloudy all day through, from breakfast till evening tea and finally it rained heavily after dinner.

It was a happy moment for everyone, consciously and subconsciously.

But not all good news are really blessings. If you're familiar with the story about the Farmer who lost his horse, you'll know perfectly well what I mean.

Yesterday, as I was replacing one of my colleague's call, I received the news of the OT in my hospy attaining menarche.

And it was not something new in the hospy, as 2 years back, my hospy's NICU already had their first menses.

I guessed many parts of my hospy are simply maturing in a good way.

When I mentioned about menses, I was simply echoing the heated, most talked about parliamentary debate in 2007, when two Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament (MP) — Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (Kinabatangan) and Datuk Mohd Said Yusof (Jasin) — used menses as a way of discrediting DAP MP Fong PK's legitimate question about Parliament's leaky roof.

I wasn't there when it happened, but gathering from others, it was a pretty dramatic affair.
If there was a video on it, I am sure it would be the video of the year, and make it to our Malaysia Book of Record.

According to one fella, the rainwater accumulated heavily and suddenly the ceiling broke, then followed by a 'waterfall', flooding the OT.

Another fella related to me that the main emergency OT still can be used, but there was this major puddle of water in the scrubbing area which one had to tread through carefully.

Double Time

Now, probably, this is where the kungfu of being able to walk on water really comes in handy.

And finally, the two million dollar facility of Maternity OT had to be reopened for business, after collecting dust for 2 years, sitting silently between the two most active facilities of the hospy - NICU and Labor Room.

I was surprised after counting at Day 2 post leakage, the news didn't get into the pages of local media. Either the Papers are too bored with this kind of leakage news, or the Garvmen is spending quite a handsome sum of moolahs to shut them up.

The second alternative seems to be less likely mainly due to few reasons. One of the reasons being Garvmen had not much of money left for the health sides, after parting heavily with a big part of it trying to build a decent amount of the dangerous blood-sucking 1fmalaysia clinic which serves more as political propaganda vehicle rather than a safe healthcare facility.

I had doubt that without a solid financial backup, will our hospy survived this damn... i mean, damp crisis.

Even if there's solution round the corner, for how long do we have to wade through the problems?

As for now, life goes on.

Cool Baby

We can't simply sit around like a cry baby. Maybe we just need to have a much better branded OT shoes.


No point being angry or unrealistically frustrated as well.

Anyway, like I said, it is all part of growing up and maturing, having the first unexpected pour and all the psychological and physical consequences that ensue.

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