Apr 21, 2010


Seriously, some people never failed to humor me more than ever. Ever.

There is this junior doctor who graduated from the great esteemed abroad, most probably financed by the lots of idiotic the taxpayers of our Bolehland (Dang, I am one of those moronic losers and I can't do a thing about it). He was sort of like the black sheep, I guess, because the others (mostly) who gained their medical knowledge from First World Country seriously is a winner, inside out.

I was kind off impress that he actually created history as his extension in the most strict posting on this earth of my hospy was being waived by the fearless head of department. He must have done something pretty escalatingly wonderful that really wowed the whole gloomy situation, like how MU came back from a losing match to clinch a title in the past. Note: in the past.

Here's the few thing that he do that really impressed me. I was 'impressed' sure enough.

Everyone was busy doing something in the ward, and this fella had the nuts to sit down and talk to the magazine sales rep to sign up a subscription. Even I was busy and asked his other colleague to ask him to get back to ward work, and he just ignored his colleague, as if he's the blardy consultant. After he jovially signed up the papers for the subscription, he turned to me.

- Actually I got 2 cases to inform you.
- Huh? When they admit?
- Few hours ago
- Few hours? OK, tell me...
- This pregnant lady complaints of syncope
- And your plan for the past few hours is?
- Err
- (I read his plan) Continue observation... To inform MO... Huh, no investigation?
- Yeah... (sheepish look)
- That's great, for someone who had completed 4 months of Medical posting...
- So tell me what are the possible causes of syncope?
- Err...


Today, he was called to come down to clinic by the leader of the junior doctor. All the senior doctors were seeing patient without any break.
After 10minutes, he was nowhere to be seen.
After 15minutes, still not even a shadow of his fingers was within the vicinity of the clinic.
After 20 minutes, I called up to the wards and his colleague reluctantly told me the noble truth - oh, he is currently in the pantry eating.

This, I really can't blame him.

Food does trump seeing patients who are not even distancely related to you.
A good amount of kiloJoules for his cerebral processes probably could do him some justice.

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