Apr 22, 2010

vanity licensed plate

came across the top 100 list of vanity licensed car plates in US...

Some of my personal favorites would be:

bk2sq11 back to square one
carrpdm1 seize the day...
idfynme1 i define myself
madphd1 tis one permanent head damage
opuleez1 OMG.. another lame excuse..
Local car plates ain't that flexible, but i guess creativity is the ability to think outside the box.

Being inclined to O&G, probably the vain plates would sound something like:



CA 125 (the tumor marker)

Probably there are special vanity plates for my colleagues from other specialty, what would it be, I wonder...

Ortho: BK 4? AK 4?
Surgery: MRC 5? BRC 4?

However, at the end of the day, I guess
I'll pretty happy with this number

Not too vain. Not too vain. Just a moment to remember.

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