May 6, 2010

Bummer II: spacing FAIL

I am truly amazed (read about this bummer part 1).

As Darren's junior doctor giving advice about H1N1 flu vaccination based on "heard from your friends", or religious belief that "fate will decide everything", i guess nothing trumps my junior doctor who give advice based on illusion (more of disillusioned). Surprisingly, coming from a junior doctor who keep up his knowledge through reading newspaper in the serenity of hospital library, leaving his colleagues struggling to learning medicine through the patients in ward by reviewing and discussing about them.

Circular Walking Bookshelf

During a normal postnatal round, I asked this junior doctor to give contraception advices.

"Puan, lepas ini kena rancang, cuba mengandung lepas 2 bulan..."
(Madam, after this, you need to plan, do not try to conceive after 2 months...)

His first few legendary words made all the nurses who chose to follow the round to burst (or should I say exploded) into laughters.

I put on a smug look, a mixture of disbelief and pathetically sympathize him for all his ignorance and lack of initiative to improve himself.

"Dr H, is 2 months a proper spacing period?"
"Err... (Yes, his famous 'Err') No, it's 6 months"

Round 2: nurses bursting into hysterical laughter.

"I guess you got this latest from the newspaper that you read from the library that day, right?"
"Err... "

Speechless. And I continued to give the corrected advice to that just-delivered mother. She must have been amused, and probably thinking I was teaching some 2nd-year medical students.

Perhaps something in our Bolehland's medical world just can't help but spin out of control and out of common sense.

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