Jul 29, 2010

Exceptionally inceptional

When you think, the big screens had nothing to offer anymore besides those lame cartoon and animation, some onscreen adaptations of some comic or novel or some sets of trilogies, the new, biggest and probably the most inceptional idea of the century blew up all over the place and forced your mind to pick up the pieces after enjoying this mind-blowing masterpiece.

From the foundation of idea, it probably could have came from an episode of 'Heroes' in one of the 3rd season (if I'm not mistaken) displaying a fine revelation by the mind-reading cop that his gene were from his father who took the mind-reading capabilities further into creating dreams, even for the awake.

Probably Chris Nolan wanted his masterpiece to be more down to earth, more realistic, and withing reach. The power of dreams can be achievable by sedatives. And the realm of possibilities is there, it is just a matter whether one have the balls to pursue it.

He brought it further up the notch by adding up the thrill of business espionage with Leo's emotional struggle, spiced with humor here and there.

It is my firm belief that the story of love and forbidden exploration of love took the centrestage. Eventhough the scenes were few, they (the scenes, not the actress) were stripteasing sensationally till the naked truth surfaced.


The message of love is that for love to be forever, forever may not be such a good idea after all.

Probably, being such a big blockbuster, there will be a spin off of this original film in some Hongkie movie or probably a parody by the name of 'Interception' or a TV series on it. I wouldn't be surprise if the low budget directors come up with medley of wet dreams within wet dreams and probably named it as 'Incestion'.


cage said...

dreams... a dangerous place to be..

a girl said...

not really, get real, man..