Jul 27, 2010

The football-crazy doctor

there's always few good reasons why a doctor should love football and football betting.

My colleague brought up the unique reason why he placed the RM1000 bet in some of the WC's matches is to train up the poker-faced calmness when the team on bet conceded more goals than the number of fingers in one hand. Similarly, the calmness come when facing an obstetric emergency such as a 2nd twin with hand prolapse, making the patient dubious of the great mental tsunami in the practitioner's mind. From the first few second of mention, it does sound completely BS, but on deep thought (yes, I do that regularly at impromptu moments), he is probably right. A panicky face is always bad for the business, no matter what business you're in.

the following video also does tell a tale that no matter how much you're crazy about football, a doctor should never CROSS the line, not just literally.

P.S. No, my colleague is not the football-crazy doctor. He's a fine lad who simply been overworked and underpraised, seriously.


cage said...

dat dr should be fired

pilocarpine said...

u mean my colleague or footie dr?

cage said...

dat football field doctor, of course...

damn unprofesional..