Aug 23, 2010

Begging for a work change?

Malaysia seems to have become a haven for foreign beggars who can reap up to RM8,000 a month from donations by kind locals, said MCA Public Services and Com­plaints Department chief Datuk Michael Chong.

He said these beggars are believed to have entered the country with the aid of syndicates by abusing their social visit passes.

Besides begging at night markets or preying on customers at coffee shops, their tactics have taken a more desperate turn, with some seen pestering motorists waiting at traffic lights.

Okay, what are my thoughts. Well.
  1. A beggar in Malaysia earns more than me, almost double.
  2. The beggar surely going to help PKR's 2020 target for minimal household income.
  3. Who the fark are those pathetic, loser, dumb, moronic 'kind locals'?
  4. Is 'pestering motorists at traffic lights' a traffic offense?
Surely, I shunned most of the beggars, not because they are stinking degrading lowlife who hogs up the roadsides and alleys, but because they had a choice to make a difference in life and they chose not to do it.

There are plenty of centers around Malaysia who can help them make a living and not take the easy way out, yet they chose to harp on naive sympathy and stupidity of others.

The most unforgettable fictional beggar that I remember would be the action Hero Beggar Sou, which led the Beggars' gang.

While the funniest portrayal of beggar would be by Stephen Chow in the movie 'Tong Pak Fu Dim Chao Heong' where he begged for a simple moment of lust amidst his pathetic polygamous married life.

Given my little experience of living in Malaysia, I had seen and known of several types of beggar.
  1. OKU beggar
    Thinks they are too god-damned to do any work to earn a living. And thus, the begging. And worst of all, they used their obvious handicap to maximize the sympathy.

    OKU beggars can be divided into primary and secondary OKU. Primaries are those born with congenital defects, while the secondaries are handicap due to some unfortunate accidents or illnesses. The secondaries can further subdivided further into (I guess you're getting much more confuse right now) 'fated' and 'self-inflicted'. 'Fated' are those who drove at 80km/h on the highway and knocked down by others, causing loss of limb. While the 'self-inflicted' are those who drove dangerously on road and loss their limbs to motor vehicle accidents, or those who had to undergo amputation secondary to peripheral vascular disease secondary to smoking.

    The 'self-inflicted secondary OKU' beggars are the coolest beggar around. They can be seen begging with one hand and puffing away a pricey cigarette on the other hand, lacking only a sun shade to complete the picture.

    Anyway, they should probably look at this talented OKU for inspiration.

  2. Depressive, lonely beggar
    This kind of beggar is someone who had gone cuckoo and lost the will to do anything. All they need is food and water, which some begging will help get them. But what they really need is a caring movement to counsel and bring them back to 'life'.

  3. Lazy beggar
    Similar to the type 2 beggar, but just absence of psychopathology with abundance of ill-willed intelligence.

  4. Seasonal beggar
    They come out only during celebrative season, which was almost a fortnightly affair given the massive variety of celebrations in our 1Malaysia community.

    Some seasonal beggars even try to deceive themselves that they are not begging as they offer a parking lot for you by flashing you with torchlight as if catching 'khalwat', when that parking lot was already being paid up in full by income taxes.

  5. Rich beggar
    This type of beggar can further be subclassed into those who 'count their blessings' and 'count their beggings'.

    Those who 'count their blessings' are those maded their appearance very obvious, who came out during joyous celebrative day and lined up well on their places of worship. They beg because all their prayers were answered.

    Those who 'count their beggings' are those who are less obvious, and not easily detected by the naked eye. Most of them had jobs, great ones. And still, affordable to buy a RM1million house, they still beg for a bigger rate of discount.

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