Aug 25, 2010

tanahair thursday | meritocracy racist?

Tun M made an interesting entry, calling all meritocrats as racist as other racist's organization like Malay NGOs and Perkasa.

His reasoning was

And the slogan "Malaysian Malaysia" continued to figure in Malaysian politics, evolving into a new catchword, "Meritocracy". If "Malaysian Malaysia" conjures equality between races, "Meritocracy" implies something stronger. It implies dominance by the race with the greatest merit in every field; in education, in business and in all fields of human endeavour

Counting down to our Independence Day and Malaysia Day, if you actually read the papers, mainstream or otherwise, you'll realize that the word 'racist', or words of racial-chauvinism surfaced one after another.

Someone warned us all about the fast-ticking racial time bomb.

I suppose I should be worried. But then again, when too much is being said, being mentioned, being banged down our eardrums, it will become trivialized and probably in due time, transcend into a joke.

Maybe by Merdeka, I will probably be sitting beside another fella Malaysian with different quantity of melanin and I will question his racist's status.
"Of course, I'm racist. Who isn't nowadays? Haha."

Plus, if the government is serious about weeding out racists, they should probably enter a few lines in their jobs application forms.
Tick if you
[ ] a racist
[ ] occassional racist (when I can gain political mileage)
[ ] like to write racist's stuff
[ ] talk racist's stuff
[ ] discuss about racist's stuff
[ ] not a racist, unless required so
Something that I don't really understand, or just that people are just too blind to realize that we want the best for the country and being the best ain't restricted to a certain race.

It is certainly rather insulting and disappointing when someone works so hard, day and night only to have his/her celebration of success being called off by others as something he/she got from the national crutch.

Perhaps the crutch is relevant back then, where peaceful contentment can be created without creating something of the 1998 Indonesian racial meltdown.
The question facing us today is whether or not that path has run its course, and its time for us as a nation to change our tack. Are we ready to rid ourselves of our training wheels?

In summary, let's us all together make a bigger pie, so that everyone can have a larger slice. Rather than keeping up with a small pie.
Even having the biggest portion couldn't have fill up a small corner of the stomach.

Meritocracy is racist, afterall. It involved the all the superior Malays, Chinese, Indians, all Malaysian races and all mixed race creating a bigger pie to keep everyone full and satisfied.

- Burp -

The simplest thing to do this Merdeka 2010 - to stand up and be counted.

If this country is to have any future as a true nation, the time has come for those who believe in the ideals of equality, ideals which were held by the political founding fathers of the country as well as the traditional Rulers of that time, to stand up and be counted.

To not be cowed by the bigots and to say that this is our country and it stands on noble humanitarian ideals, not opportunistic racialist thinking.


Can the politicians stop monkeying around?

P.S. Just realize I haven't taste a pie for so long. Any recommendations?

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