Aug 26, 2010

film friday | SALT overrated


A few months before this faithful show went up the big screen, I had a short glimpse of the promo clips in the TV section of Tesco Utara Sungai Petani while taking little Aedan for a stroll.

Both Aedan and me stopped to watch this action-packed clips. I resisted the urge to complete watching as I knew Aedan is too young to be exposed to too much of violence.

I was thinking, this probably gonna be the movie of the year, and I just couldn't wait to feast on it visually.

The name of the show 'Salt' does leave a lot to be curious about.

But when I really sit down and watch it, I am like 'Duh!'.

Angelina Jolie at event of Salt
Bye, bye, lousy movie which left me injured

Few reasons that I couldn't really put myself into kissing this show are:
  1. Mature audience don't appreciate superhero in a form of a lady, no matter how cool you may look at one time or other. That's why 'Heroes' and 'Smallville' are appealling to many.
    We appreciate some vulnerability like her portrayal in 'Wanted'.

    Come on lar.
    First, she 'macqyvered' the bomb for escaping, then she 'chow yun fatted' the killing of the masses of security force/spies (both Americans/Russians) and finally 'jasonbourne-ed' the scaling down the elevator shaft without a single dirt on her clothes. Perhaps that small scene will be perfect for some detergent's advertisement.

    Even if she was being injured, she was like shouting out with her cool look 'Is that the best that you can do?'

  2. The whole plot was like a bigger scheme of the Hong Kong hit 'Infernal Affairs' with the police-criminal combo switched with American-Russian, and A.Jolie was the Andy Lau, who decided to be with the American, despite of her Russian root.
  3. Heavily-spiced with action, makes one wonder - where has the beauty gone? No portrayal of AJolie's sexy side, except for the initial torture scene in underwear tainted with bloods and torture. Calling the emotional part (pathetic glimpse of A.Jolie's cartoonic interaction with his on screen spidey hubby) super-amateurish would be praising it.
Angelina Jolie at event of Salt
Arrested for not being in a better movie.

P.S. This movie is simply pale against the hit 'Inception'. Almost a pathological pallor with hemoglobin of 6 g%.

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