Sep 30, 2010

2 weeks post ATR - boots with PWB

For those who were wondering what the eff happened to me based on my last picture of last post in my bid to win an iPhone4 from DiGi in a contest hosted by Nuffnang, yes, you can keep wondering.

I already jot down everything and saved them up as draft. Probably, I will release them later. Don't everyone finds Batman Begins and Smallville much more appealing, given the timing it was released was much more later than the main action flicks itself. Yes, probably that's a good way of masking my indecisiveness to tell the world how foolish I am.

Nuff said. In summary (don't everyone just love summary, except when it is included in public exams), 2 weeks back, I had Achilles tendon repair (ATR) by the finest and friendliest Foot surgeon, Mr. M.

During these 2 weeks, it wasn't an easy ride for me, being on Front slab and non-weightbearing (meaning the leg can't touch/kiss the floor).
  • It wasn't painful for me, I managed to keep the whole pack of Celecoxib chaste and virgin.
  • Toileting and bathing was nightmare. It was gymnastics to the range of animalistic.
  • I managed to realize that it pays to join in the daily game of One-Legged during recess time of my primary school. (I have yet to ascertain the benefit of another primary school game called Karitoi, for I didn't catch my wife that way).I was hopping away everywhere 99% of time with crutches mainly when I am outdoor, within the compound of my house.
  • I spent 3days packing up and moving back. My landlord had to renovate the house for his son's wedding, and without sympathy, shooed me out in a civilized manner with a tinge of hypocrisy. I packed lots of stuff in the sitting position, to the extend of scaling down the plastic cupboard and just fixed it back yesterday. Lots of jumping around. Luckily, my parents were around to help out and do some supervising the move.
  • Emotionally, some ups and downs along the days, especially when I failed to help out wifey in juggling between taking care of my newborn princess with URTIs and my rebellious prince who just can't seems to spread enough havoc and chaos, being completed pampered by his grandparents.
  • Not so much of a honeymoon and 'to kick back and relax' like one of my colleague was suggesting me to do.
Probably, some of my bad kammas ripening.

Today, I had my sutures removed. My wound was clean, except for a minute wound over the 3rd suture site, but did not looked troubled. My mission mainly for few days to come would have been to keep that minute wound clean, free from bacterias or superbacterias.

I was off front slab and into an Aircast, or what the achilles-repaired community would like to call it as 'boots'.

Blue Boot
No, not this PCK boots..

Well, this is how the Aircast looks like. I was imagining myself looking partially like the Young Forrest Gump, but instead found myself partly looking like RoboCop, but with major excruciating pain over the ankle in the first few stretches.

My surgeon upgraded me from full plantar-flexion to complete neutral (or as neutral as possible). In his own words, "We want the 'L' " and with a stretch to the 'L', without any fentanyl patches supply by JY, or wood from Kelvin, I almost shouted the famous hokkien single syllable L word. But, I didn't.

He promoted me from NWB (non-weight bearing) to PWB (partial weight bearing), means my atrophic left leg can bear up to 20kg. How to know 20kg feels like? He taught. "First, put your leg on the weighing machine, and step till you see 20kg, then close your eyes and try to do it, while others tell you how much weight you had bear."

I used my own weiging at home - can't even go up to 10kg, already L L L already..

I went back to PWB first 2 steps then NWB.

This must be the 'first few days of painful stretch' he was taking about. I hope those few days are really short short few days.

I know this is awesome, but I don't think I want to take my chances. Anyway, those are different boots, people with different financial background and mostly different mindsets in appreciating a good walking leg.

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seahorse27 said...

How did you get yourself injure in the first place?

Aahhh.... your rebellious prince charming misses the attention he once had all alone but now he has to share...

That RoboCop one very nice...