Sep 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Largely there is no doubt that everyone else will be pouring in entry to get their hands on this new wave of ‘revolution’.

I guess each of them may have their own reasons, just like I have mine.

Well, the reasons for wanting an impressive phone can be classify into a few major group in accordance to the realtime need of the user – work, family, friends and fun.

As for work, the high-powered information-driven persons will probably brag about the speed and esteemed capability of an iPhone, making as if the whole business of their work will live and die with iPhone.

In the realm of work, I may need the latest information from the Net, probably managed to clear up some baffled questions by the patients or my superiors. Not everyone knows what is Asperger's syndrome, or what is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

At some point of time, it will help me in multitasking.

As for my family, even if I am far away, I can still re-connect with my family and never missing any special moments ie my son’s first barber session without crying.

Or the first comment my sister made on my newborn daughter.

And at anytime, shoot down pics of the family moments at any place and anytime, just like the thrills of our first exhilarating LRT ride.

iPhone will keep me connected to my friends, updating their latest news through social networking platform, like finding out their latest achievements,

or the latest pranks.

From one continent to the other…

As for fun, I’m sure it will kept me well-entertained in long 'welcoming' queue like this or during traffic jams.

The photographing capability of the iPhone also help brushed up my son’s photo-taking skills.

Let’s not be hypocritical about all this. The entire above mentioned are just fringe benefits.

The real reason I need an iPhone4 is the pride and prestige that comes with it.

It is recognition of the standard of class and my stand in the society.

iPhone4 is the one.

And to get it from the best, DiGi, it just as well completes this perfect life.

Afterall, an Apple a day, keeps the doctor away. I need an Apple right away.

I really need it to give it as a present to my lovely wife who stood by my side, giving me undying support and managing the family well when I was down and out with an injury.

This gift for me is a gift of love for my wife.

I just hope honesty pays.

*fingers crossed*


seahorse27 said...

Dr. Low~ What happen to your leg? You hurt yourself while packing? Bulldoze by the many boxes?

No wonder you were sighing high and low every day.

Or is this an old pic?

pilocarpine said...

it's a new pic.

will blog bout it later.
now, spending time packing, unpacking and being depress in betweens..

seahorse27 said...

Don't be depressed... later Genevieve feels it and you might stress the baby out for no reason... just take a breather in between all the house work, sit back and be glad that you've a lovely baby, the most handsome little prince and the best wife you can ever wish for and the leg is still intact :)

*sigh* I'm not good in giving words of encouragement. All in all, live one day at a time as getting depressed or worry will not add an extra day to your life :)

pilocarpine said...

dun worry, just some microdepress moments... split of seconds.. it comes as it is, can't really control it..

seahorse27 said...

Oh,no~! I hope you're not stepping into pre-midlife crisis... hahaha... too young for that...