Sep 4, 2010

misc sun | decimals, scan and height

suffering from archilles tendinitis made me look at the world in a different light.
not brighter, aint darker instead.
just that i need to slow down my pace.
feel more of 'the present'
be more mindful

Despite of my limping gait, i had a wonderful jonah on call on the Merdeka day.
It was a continuity from the Merdeka eve's night in which my colleague slugged through with several C-sections after 1am.

To top it off, the specialist on call wasn't that happy being on call on that day since she's on leave the day before and the day after. But she was not maligned at all, just a couple of sarcasm here and there which kind of spiced up my call.

The strings of C-Sections from morning till late evening was well-planned (by destiny) and one after another finished uneventful. My gratitude went out to my anaest colleague who had to bear with it and only started her peripheral rounds in GH after iftar.

The house officers with me was at both extremes and made my call more bearable as one neutralized the others.

Tagging house officers, well, except for some cameo appearance, I don't think most of them were there to learn. They were there for the sake of being there. And some of them wasn't even there most of the time, and they actually think that i was too busy to notice their absence.

Well, in life, you choose your own poison. If you aim to be a farking dumb stupid negligent doctor, I ain't going to stop you.

During ward rounds, my steps were definitely slow. And somehow, I was different. Slower, yet I can see that some house officers made some silly mistakes when presenting the patient's condition to me.

I was thinking those who seemed to be intimidated were above average house officers.
Does my limping kicks in the 'Dr House' effect - all sinister, sarcastic and dreadful?

Here's a few funnies that I would like to share, made by competent but distracted house officers.

Case 1.
Bed 6
"Tell me about this patient."
"This is a 26years old, lady Gravida 5 Para 3..."
(Noted something wrong, quickly changed in the medical notes)
"I mean Gravida 5 Para 4, currently at 37 point 3 weeks (37.3) weeks"
"37.3 weeks?"
Laughters all around.

(Me was thinking that would be 37 and 2 days because 3/10 of 7 days is 2days)

Case 2.
"Tell me about Mdm xxx"
"She is a 28years old... gestation confirmed by late scan at 30weeks"
"That's a late scan."
"Yeah, and was given an EDD (estimated date of delivery) after repeated scan at 31weeks."
"Alright, what else about her?"
"By scan shows that she is a single mother..."
"By scan shows that she is a single mother?"
"Err.. I mean she's a single mother"
"So, not by scan lar?"
Laughters all around.
(Me was thinking she probably was trying to tell me that because of her single mother, she was booked late and scanned late. It would be really hilarious if you can detect the abscence of father by scan)

Case 3
Patient in labor.
Partogram aint that wonderful.
Probably at high chance of poor progress of labor.
The patient seemed short in height. That would probably predict small pelvic cavity, one of the recipe for cephalopelvic disproportion.
Asked the house officer "Can you please tell me the maternal height?"
The house officer flipped a few pages of the medical notes and looked at me.
"You want to know my height?"
My thoughts went blank. Felt like almost going to burst into annoyingly piggish laughters.
"Why would I want to know about your height?"

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