Sep 3, 2010

flair friday | sejarah Melayu reloaded

seriously, this is a great masterpiece collection by Mr. Amir Muhammad.

Amir Muhammad

Amir Muhammad reads the oldest version of the canonical text called Sulalat us-​Salatin (Genealogy of Sultans) — which later came to be better-​known as Sejarah Melayu (The Malay Annals). This text dates back to 1612 and contains 31 chapters. The Romanised version was done by colonial scholar R.O. Windstet and published by the Royal Asiatic Society in 1938; it was corrected and updated (with new spelling) by Abdul Rahman Hj Ismail in 1995.
His descriptive writings follows the original vividly, but spiced with contemporary connotation, be it modern jokes, products or persona.
  • After the 40 days and 40 nights of celeb­ration, Sultan Mansur Syah duly marries Radin Galuh. After the wedding, the good-​looking couple goes into their bridal chamber and have really hot sex (“terlalu sangat berkasih-​kasihan”).
  • Sultan Mansur Syah sends messengers to the outlying territories of Indragiri, Palembang, Jambi, Lingga and Tungkal for their rulers to accompany him to Majapahit to aid in his quest. (I told you, overkill.)
  • The tapper replies, “I am unable to take you all the way to Tanjung Pura. Stay with me and let me adopt you, as I am childless and I enjoy looking at your handsome young face.” Oh dear, is the tapper some kind of paedophile?
Perhaps it is something that everyone in Tanah Melayu should take a read and comprehend, the very root of our existence.

At some point, we're all assembled in this faithful land by destiny, and not sprout out into human shape from the ground of Malaya.

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